Formal methods for software engineering

LOTOS is a specification language that has been specifically developed for the formal description of the OSI (Open systems Interconnection) architecture, although it is applicable to distributed, concurrent systems in general. In LOTOS a system is seen as a set of processes which interact and exchange data with each other and with their environment. LOTOS is expected to become an ISO international standard by 1988.

Abstract of the 1987 paper: Tommaso Bolognesi, Ed Brinksma, Introduction to the ISO Specification Language LOTOS, Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, 14(1): 25-59, 1987. (LOTOS became an ISO standard in 1989.)

Thierry Massart, Guy Leduc, Ed Brinksma, Tommaso Bolognesi, Ken Turner, Michel Diaz, Elie Najm, Rom Langerak (lower),

IFIP-WG6.1 FORTE Conference IV, Sydney, 1991.